Norwood-Burn Canyon Trails Overview

The Norwood-Burn Canyon Trails are located just outside Norwood in San Miguel County, Colorado. The area currently consists of approximately 30 miles of two-track roads on BLM public land. Access to the trails is via San Miguel County Road W35 west of Norwood. The area is surrounded by private land with the exception of USFS public land to the south. There is also a private land in-holding along CR W35. Be prepared and bring a map. It is your responsibility to know where you are and avoid trespassing. The trails are not currently signed.

Travel in this area is currently managed by BLM as “travel is limited to existing routes”. Off-road travel is only allowed by foot and horse. There are no facilities or designated campsites. Norwood Park and Recreation District proposed some new single-track trails in the area in 2011.  It was determined by the BLM that a travel management plan would be necessary. Through this process, all trails in this area will be designated, some as motorized and some non-motorized. The BLM Environmental Assessment is expected to be complete in 2014. Watch our “In the News” section for updates on the planning process. As new trails are approved and constructed, we will post trail descriptions and maps on our site as well.